Conversations, maybe.

Hi! I am Samiksha (you can call me Sam). This space encloses my affair with writing. Its highs and lows, break ups make-ups, endless lessons learnt, and scandalous love.

Maybe you'll find a letter in your inbox every once in a while. Maybe you won't. I will probably talk about the skies at some point. Or not. Anything can happen. There are no rules.

I'm not sure where this affair will take me, but if you like scandal, you're welcome to watch. Or speculate - I like reading letters too (emails, of course!). I also like compliments (just saying). Unhealthy criticism will only make me laugh. Kind and witty letters might spark some admiration.

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More about me - I am a writer and editor. My work has appeared in Tint Journal, EKL Review, The Chakkar, Live Wire (by The Wire), JAKE magazine, The Lake, The Friday Poem, COOP Zine, Kitchen Sink Magazine, Pop the Culture Pill and more.
I was also longlisted for the Young Poets Network's 'Poets in Vogue' challenge, 2023. My work was chosen as Editor's Pick for the Colorism Healing Writing Contest, 2020 and published in an anthology of the same name.

I’m a contributing editor at The Selkie Publications and a Prose and Poetry editor The Dawn Review. In the past, I was Assistant Prose Editor for The Terrarium (Hellebore Press) and the borderline literary magazine.

I also provide editorial (line and developmental editing), manuscript evaluation and critiquing services for both short form (a single article, short-story or poem) to long-form (book-length) work. If you’d like to hire me, reach out to me on email: and I’ll set up a free meeting to discuss your work and expectations.

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I write because nothing else will do.